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GDP Driver Training – Online


Are your drivers based in many different locations? Do you find it difficult to get them all in the one room at the same time? Are you a driver looking for GDP training to enable you to carry pharmaceutical and healthcare products? Then our online GDP driver training course, which covers all aspects of our face-to-face training, is perfect for you.


“We have been using PLS Pharma to train our drivers since our business began. We find their GDP driver training very relevant and it really teaches our drivers the importance of GDP and doing their job right. The fact we can now do it online is great – all the right content is still there and our drivers can do it quickly and at a convenient time for everyone!!”

Sales Director, Pharma Premier Logistics

“We thought the course was very good and informative and can see why it is getting great reviews! It was good to have checkpoint questions along the way as well to keep the trainee interested and participating in the presentation, and the end questionnaire quite nicely captured all of the relevant key points that drivers require. All in all, an excellent training tool, which we are very happy to ask our contract drivers to be re-trained with.”

Site Administration Manager, Dermal Laboratories

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