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"Course content was extremely useful. I found the course much more advanced and professional in comparison to the other GDP course that I have completed, performed by different vendor. From my perspective, I would highly recommend this course to any RPs and deputy RPs."
- - VIRTUAL Responsible Person, Oct 2020
"I think anyone working in quality should complete this course as it gives you a great understanding of the role of an RP and also the quality function within a company."

"I found the two online training courses very informative beforehand. Their design is excellent as it ensures participants stay engaged throughout due to the constant questions."

"Great course, well done. Most interactive and engaging course I have completed virtually."
- -VIRTUAL Responsible Person, Oct 2020
"Considering these challenging times and the necessary change in training environment from face to face to online via Zoom, I still considered this course (and self paced pre-courses) to have exceeded my expectations. The course exercises and breakout sessions and open discussions ensured a high level of engagement throughout."

"Thanks to everyone at PLS Pharma for the coordination activities and for presenting such an enjoyable course. I’ve learned so much in two days and I’m excited to start on my journey to become a DRP and eventually an RP."
- -VIRTUAL Responsible Person, Oct 2020
"Just thank you for putting on such a great course. It was really well rounded and covered so many topics in the two days. I'm really hoping the RP forum goes ahead this year either in person or virtually!"

"All in all a really excellent course with excellent facilitators and administrators. Very valuable to me and anyone who attends. I would strongly recommend to others."
- VIRTUAL Responsible Person - January 2021
"The breakout rooms worked really well, the course reading material was provided in a way to break it down into smaller chunks and kept the course flowing well between presenters."

"I thought the length/format/running order went really well. Typically two full days in a row can be quite tiring, but I found myself engaged throughout."
- VIRTUAL Responsible Person - January 2021
"There is no question that the team have a wealth of experience and the course content was comprehensive; I believe it gives a sound foundation for the RP, with the understanding that they must supplement with ongoing learning."

"I found all topics useful. Even areas where I had strong knowledge, I still picked up tips from others."
- VIRTUAL Responsible Person - January 2021
"Real-life examples/cases that were used throughout the course to highlight certain points from GDP guidelines. Really illustrated the reason why GDP guidelines were so badly needed in the industry."

"It was just long enough to cover all the material comfortably. Notwithstanding the pandemic, course was great and participation from attendees was also motivating."
- VIRTUAL Responsible Person - February 2021
"I was very impressed with the course. Not easy to change from classroom to online and still deliver the course you did. Well done, really enjoyed the course."

"It was good - the breakout rooms broke up the course. It was very interactive and I enjoyed the input of everyone."
- VIRTUAL Responsible Person - February 2021
"Breakout Groups with activities to undertake helped to gain valuable understanding of personal experiences. Gained lots of new knowledge and deep understanding of various topics."

"Overall I found the course extremely useful and beneficial and the notes provided were important to our continual learning throughout."
- VIRTUAL Responsible Person - February 2021
"The course was very well organised and planned. Was not sure of Zoom but it was very well organised and I feel I can now do Zoom calls easily."

"The worked examples/group sessions were great. Having the groups post their answers/sending to other teams was fantastic."

"I meet plenty of professionals on my travels so I'm certainly happy to recommend PLS Pharma when the opportunities arise."

"All of the reading material provides a great knowledge bank to have."

"Excellent, everything was very efficiently run."
- VIRTUAL Responsible Person - February 2021