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It is crucial that all staff along the supply chain of medicinal and healthcare products receive the best training possible to ensure that standards are upheld, compliance is maintained, products are protected and patient safety is not compromised.

PLS Pharma provides this training, both public and in-house, to companies in all sectors. We also create bespoke courses to suit individual client’s needs.

The key sectors to which PLS Pharma provide training and other services are detailed below.


A supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Ensure your company remains fully compliant with current...
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Pharmaceutical/manufacturing compliance with EU and global regulations is of the utmost importance for companies in the pharmaceutical and...
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Logistics/Transportation Service Providers

Pharmaceutical and life sciences products are sensitive to external factors such as light, temperature and humidity as they...
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Healthcare/Medical Devices

As with pharmaceutical/medicinal products, the safety and security of medical devices in the supply chain is critical. Compliance with...
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